PyBEEP - The Python BEEP implementation

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This project used to be PyBXXP and code was written under that project name. That code was written "clean room" from the BEEP core specs, and towards that end, it was useful. It did not completely implement the BEEP specs, nor was it robust, well tested, or very easy to use. It did however, show interoperability with other implementations and help to tighten up the BEEP RFCs.

This project (PyBEEP) intends to get Python on the same playing BEEP playing field as the languages that Invisible Worlds has chosen to implement BEEP in. This project is primarily a porting project from the Java BEEP implementation from Insible Worlds.

Please contact Gabe Wachob if you are interested in this project. There is a announcement only email list if you want to keep up on announcements. A general discussion list will be created if there is interest.

There is now an active developer email list!

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